What If Everything We've Been Taught About PTSD Is Wrong?

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What if Everything We've Been Taught About PTSD Is Wrong?

WARNING: If You Aren't Ready To Think For Yourself, DO NOT READ Any Further!!! The Status-Quo Will NOT Be Happy With You!!!

Have you served in the military for any length of time and deployed to any "hot spots?" Have you deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan and experienced combat inside or outside the wire? Have you been injured or suffered any near misses or lost any friends or loved ones?

Are you anxious, living on edge, sleeping little, roaming the house at night, sitting with your back to the wall, avoiding crowds, lashing out at your loved ones and causing them pain?

Are you avoiding talking to anyone about what's going on with you for fear of being LABELED? Or, have you been diagnosed as Having PTSD and now you have the joy of sitting in group therapy or one-on-one, telling and re-telling your story? Have you started on meds yet? What are the side effects of those?

Are you aware that in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) – 10 (2010), PTSD is regarded as a maladaptive response to severe or continued stress, in that it interferes with successful coping mechanisms and therefore leads to problems of social functioning?

So.....how does one go from being trained and conditioned to adapt as a warfighter, surviving combat tours and conflicts, being recognized with ribbons, medals and commendations, to catching or having PTSD? From being a resilient leader to being one that is maladaptive, incapable of successfully coping and functioning socially?

With everything that you've been taught, doing everything right, as best you could, EVERYTHING, now you have PTSD?

Wouldn't simple logic suggest that if you all of a sudden have PTSD as the result of your military service, then maybe you've been developing it all along!

What if this thing that they call PTSD isn't really a textbook DISORDER at all?



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