The Soul – Your True Self

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"Every problem in life is here to support your soul's evolution. Unless you have a challenge, you will never know your capabilities. Your problems are not awful. They are the most wonderful tools designed to push you forward!" ~Jane Elizabeth Hart

People use the word "soul" in many different ways. For our purposes, let us define it as follows. The soul is a fragment of God. Through your soul, you are linked with God. In fact, every living thing has a soul, and in that way you are connected with all forms of life. Your soul unites you with God, and with all beings on the planet!

The soul can also be described as an individual portion of the Mind of God. When you develop a line of communication with your soul, your ideas expand and your awareness of all things increases. All solutions to every problem become available to you.

The soul is your True Self. Your true essence is not contained within the physical body, the emotional body or the mind. The soul is the link between God and your physical form.

You probably wonder why your soul exists and exactly what it is doing in the scheme of things. The object of the evolutionary process is to enhance and deepen the soul's awareness. Although the soul is a part of God, it is not yet consciously aware of that amazing fact! It's important to understand how your soul evolved over many eons of time. You may be curious as to how you arrived at your present state of awareness.

The process that propels your soul forward in its evolution is called the Law of Rebirth, or reincarnation. It provides the opportunity for your consciousness to explore and experience the vast arena of life. Through reincarnation, your soul ultimately arrives at the complete and conscious revelation that it is one with God.

Obviously, you need many incarnations and a variety of opportunities to come to the full awareness that you are a God-Being. One lifetime isn't enough to accomplish this goal. As your spiritual consciousness develops, you become more aware of your soul. Each incarnation increases your ability to know your True Self that exists in God.

Everyone has a soul that is evolving. Some souls are evolving very quickly, and others more slowly, but all souls are moving ahead! Each of us is waking up to the fact that we are part of God, and have always been a part of God.

Every day, seek to merge your consciousness with the awareness of your soul. Life will start to feel more fulfilling. You will know on a deep level that you are expressing your divine purpose. As you awaken, you will be more eager to develop even greater aspects of yourself. First, however, your limited ego must be subdued in order to unify, blend and align the soul with its unlimited individual God-Self.


Jane Elizabeth Hart is the Spiritual Leader and Educator for Center for Enlightenment ( and author of Spiritual Power Tools: Support for Your Soul ( and Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions, a powerful formula for moving through life's changes.


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