The Yes Factor

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"All that we are is the result of what we have thought."
Buddha, 470 BC

It's an enjoyable Sunday evening here in Southern California; Sunday Night Football is on with the Chicago Bears playing the Minnesota Vikings. There's also a host of other programs on the television that I could give my creative energy to, but I consciously choose to give myself to the writing of this article.


As I prepare for this weeks "Mentors of New Thought Show", I'm reading "The Art of Uncertainty" by this week's guest; Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones. What a powerful, thought provoking read!


Chapter Six is titled; "Failure Is Not an Option, 'The Yes Factor Never Sleeps'". The chapter open with Dennis inviting the reader to ponder; "What would we attempt to do in the future if we knew we could not fail?" He goes on to say; "More specifically, would we be willing to walk forward on the path of uncertainty to discover new possibilities for our lives if we knew that, regardless of what we had tried, we would find success awaiting our arrival?" Wow, what an idea to ponder!

What would we do? What would you do? Now, knowing that you can answer this question imaginatively, what's stopping you?

In this work that I've chosen to do, this is a question that I frequently ask my clients. More importantly, it's a question that I consciously, purposely continue to ask myself! If I'm not pushing my mind and awareness to the limits of my possibility, how can I be of assistance to another?

Today, I was asked what I thought of the "Occupy Protests." Interestingly, I had been wondering when someone would ask me!

I responded that in my opinion, it would be a waste of my creative energy! The response that I received was; "but, most of these people have been out of work for two years due to the corruption in government...."

Now, granted there may be more than a few problems in Washington, D.C. and somewhere on Wall Street too, but what does that have to do with me making a conscious decision to live my best life? Well, if I choose to believe that it's the government's responsibility to provide for me, to ensure that I have food on my table and that my mortgage is paid, or that the wealthy have a responsibility to do these things for me, then this has everything to do with me!

But, in my case; I choose to trust myself and Universal Principle to succeed! Now, when I stumble or experience failure and challenges in any area in my life, I look in the mirror, come face-to-face with the cause and get right back in the game of life!

I can easily do so because I've arrived at the place in my life where I recognize the "Yes Factor" at work. I fully recognize that the Universe always says "yes" and to the degree that I work in harmony with "yes" in my life, life will work with me and to the degree that I don't, I'll experience challenges.

Have I always thought this way, absolutely not! Is it always easy to apply this principle, no it's not! But, it's as easy or hard as I make it! Is it worth every ounce of my waking energy, absolutely! Am I tempted to wallow in self-pity and blame momentarily, OMG, yes! Does this ever get me any closer to the threshold of my possibility, NEVER!

If you're interested in growing your awareness and understanding of the "Yes Factor" at work in your life, join me this week for; "The Art of Uncertainty." I'm privileged to share the broadcast hour with Author, Keynote Speaker and Huffington Columnist, Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones.

Dennis is a gifted, brilliant teacher with a masterful blend of Mindfulness Tools and Practices to share. I invite you to join us; 12 noon PST, this Wednesday the 19th of October 2011.

Here's to your "Yes Factor",

Bennie Harris
October 16, 2011



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