The Threshold of Possibility

Mentors - Bennie Harris

"Begin each new day thanking God and concentrating on a desire of yours that you've previously believed was out of reach. Just for this day, act as if what you've wanted is now possible. Now, see what transforms." Mary Manin Morrissey, "Building Your Field of Dreams"

On the "Mentors of New Thought Show" this week, our guest Dr. Sue Rubin used the term; "The Threshold of Possibility." This really resonated with me, yet it wasn't the first time that I'd heard it. It was however, what I needed to hear at that moment.

I participated in a coaching program lead by Mary Manin Morrissey, and in her work she often uses the phrase; "The Green Growing Edge of Your Becoming." Both of these statements create powerful mind pictures for me and I hope that one of them speaks to you too.

Recognizing that we think in pictures and respond emotionally based on feeling, I thought about a child learning to walk. If you have children, do you remember the process of their learning to walk?

As infants, our children manifest this unbridled passion for walking that first presents itself as rolling over. Next, they evolve to rocking back and forth once they're able to get to their hands and knees, then they're crawling.

The next evolution is pulling themselves up, usually on something or someone stationary, in an effort to stand (somewhere in this process we get them a walker). Soon we have them standing on our feet, holding our fingers as we teach them about putting one foot in front of the other. Then, it seems like we blink and they are walking unassisted, even though a bit wobbly at first.

At last, we find that our modest homes are no longer large enough now that our little one has not only learned to walk, but also run! Now, if you also have children you'll remember that while they were going through this evolutionary process, at no point did they quit and decide that they were never going to walk. They may have initially failed a bit, sit and cried momentarily, but nothing kept them from learning to walk on their own!

Isn't this the same process that we go through as we mature? What about in our relationships, our business ventures and our spiritual growth and development? We venture out beyond our comfort zone, make a few missteps, trip and fall, cry a bit and wallow a bit, but we regain our composure, don't we?

I continue to find that for me, this is the very same evolutionary process, the only thing different is me! How I mentally and emotionally work through this process is the determining factor in the outcome that I anticipate and how soon I arrive at my desired outcome.

What I know for sure is this; right now, at this very moment, we're all standing at the threshold of possibility or at the green, growing edge of our becoming, (whichever works for you) so, what now? The life we seek is patiently awaiting our decision.

"On the pathway of improvement, you do not keep your attention
on where you are but on where you are going."

Dr. Raymond Charles Barker, The Science of Successful Living

Thank you,

Bennie Harris

September 9, 2011


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