The Line of Departure

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"In land warfare, a line of departure is designated to coordinate the departure of attack elements.This is the point at which one crosses from friendly-held ground into unsecured ground."


I've been working on a new project and launched it yesterday with my first show; The Mentors of New Thought Show. WWW.KMNT.FM. What an awesome time! It's been an exciting adventure as all the working elements have come together; yet at the same time, I fully understand that it was only an idea until I acted. While reflecting on what it took to get from the idea (hosting my own show) to the reality (the first broadcast), I thought of my experiences while serving in the Marines and while working abroad in Iraq. In Iraq the military had a term for those that never went outside the wire, Fobbit. On the FOB (Forward Operating Base) life was easy, outside the wire; everything was different. The gate was the Line of Departure if traveling by land, or when the Blackhawk lifted off, if traveling by air.

In the Marines we studied our craft (I was anti-tank), went to the field to practice and would also have simulated war games. All of this was a study of "what if", and "how we might." It's sort of like swim lessons where one is learning the art of swimming.

With swimming, you really don't know that you can swim until you get out there where the water's deep and you can't touch the bottom. In the military, it's all practice and preparation until you cross the "Line of Departure." Similar to jumping off into the deep end of the pool, when you cross the line of departure, everything is for keeps!

Working with a new idea, a business strategy, or anything inducing significant change, can invoke a similar feeling of crossing a proverbial line of departure. Granted, it may not pose a threat similar to that of life and death, but the emotions may still be present. For many, these emotions are enough to keep them on the side-lines, sitting on the edge of the pool or in the military type assembly area. Sort of like staying on the base!

With my first show behind me, I've taken the first step towards a greater objective and I graciously acknowledge those that have lent their mental energy and talent. I especially thank my co-host A. Bozzi and Dr. Sue Rubin ( their participation in the inaugural show.

This isn't my first business venture, there've been many; yet they are all different and induce emotion. What I know for sure is this; if you've got an idea knocking on the door of your mind; don't keep dreaming about it, talking about it, studying endless strategies or asking endless questions, Do Something! You're already standing at the threshold of your individual possibility, now jump! Cross the line!

"Action converts an idea into an experience. Action creates reality"
Robert Ringer "Action"

Bennie Harris
September 8, 2011

Photo Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 1st Class Jeremy L. Wood


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