The Fulcrum Effect

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"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world"

Archimedes (287BC – 212BC)

I'm working on an exciting new project to be launched in the weeks ahead and I'm giving conscious consideration to the creative process as the work unfolds.

For me, it's a fascinating adventure of growing in awareness and understanding of how life works. I was moved by something posted on Facebook by a friend and former classmate, Eva Gamble. What she'd written is below and I share it with her permission.

"A few months back I needed a car I didn't have a dime to my name. I picked out a car & went to the Bank. While they were running my credit I got down on my knees & started praying people looked at me like I was crazy. But my credit came back approved!!! Monday I went to Best Buy to see if I could get my son's each graduation gifts; Laptops. They ran my credit for a credit card, and once again I got down on my knees & started praying. It came back approved with no interest for 18 months!!! I must B doing something right. I have said it before, "Prayer is free wit BIG rewards!!!" Some People say I'm CRAZY!!! I say I'm BLESSED!!!"

Think what you may about Eva's post and her reference to "prayer" and "being blessed," but don't discount the principle she applied. Her post solicited an immediate response from me because I saw the "Creative Process" at work.

In the Center for Spiritual Living that I have the joy of being a member of, one of the first principles that I was exposed to was that of; "treat and move your feet." Some might say; "pray and do something." When reading Eva's post, this action principle immediately came to mind.

With this fresh on my mind, I can across this quote attributed to Archimedes of Syracuse the Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world."

"Moving the World," I'm not sure that this is something that we all publicly aspire too, but don't we all desire to make a difference where we are, for ourselves, our families and our loved ones? If we determine to make a difference, then how do we go about it in an authentic way that allows us to uniquely express ourselves? As children we seemingly struggle to fit in, to be accepted but as mature, consciously evolving beings, I believe that we desire to all break free of the "cookie cutter" process of life, to do it our own way. Isn't this really why we mature, thinking that we know more than our parents and can do it better than they did?

I was driving when this thought of the "Fulcrum Effect" knocked on the door of my mind, and I came home to put it on paper. Thinking in terms of Carl Jung's Synchronicity, what I'd heard John McLean recently teach, what Eva had written and the work on my new project, all converged and sparked a greater level of understanding for me.

Thinking in terms of the Archimedes quote and graphic, I sense that within our own sphere of influence, we've a vision of a world that we seek to move. This is true for me. This world expands and contracts based on our perception of it, this we control.

The fulcrum in our lives upon which our lever pivots is the Universal Principle known by many names, you choose the one that works for you. God, Buddha, Jesus, the Universe, or Allah, it matters less what we call it and more that it's the unchangeable principle of Oneness. Ernest Holmes in The Science of Mind defines this principle as the Power that made everything, the Thing Itself, the Absolute that cannot and will not be denied. This is the support that the lever of our lives pivots upon.

The lever in our lives that yields our mechanical advantage is thought. To the degree that our thought has evolved and our awareness and understanding grown, is the degree to which our lever yields greater results. While science defines the lever as rigid, I prefer to think of it as refined

While our thought need not be rigid, it must be definite as we seek to move our world. Ernest Holmes notes that; "this thought force is a movement of consciousness in a field of mechanical but intelligent Law." Throughout history this process has been known by many names, most common are; it is done unto you as you believe or The Law of Cause and Effect. Again, it's probably less important what we call it and more important that we understand the process by which we get better results in our lives. In the end, that's what we're really after, isn't it?

The more we grow in our awareness and understanding, the longer more efficient the lever in our lives. As we grow in the skillful application and greater use of our refined lever of thought, we experience less anxiety and stress associated with the movement of our world within our sphere of influence.

Think for a moment about jacking up a car, have you ever had this experience? With the older model cars, the jack was basically a square type pole with a mechanism that fit under the bumper, capable of lifting the car when used properly. The square type pole itself was the solid, stable fulcrum; the lever was the jack handle similar to a crowbar. It was the right length and when used properly along with the jacking pole and mechanism, it lifted the car. Now, if you did not have the jack handle, how successful would you be at lifting the car? It wouldn't work; this would be an unskillful use of the jack or the principle of leverage.

Today, the vehicle jacks are made similar to "scissors" and are cranked as opposed to pushed up and down, however the principle remains the same. Without a sufficient handle the cranking mechanism will not do the job it's designed to do.

This is what I saw in Eva's Facebook post, the skillful application of the Universal Principle of prayer. She moved her world!

So, as I willingly involve myself in the creative process of life to effect my world, I've got a vivid mind picture to sustain me, understanding how my fulcrum and lever work Recognizing that we really do think in pictures, I invite you to find one that works for you too. Feel free to consider this one if you'd like, it doesn't belong to me; it belongs to the Universe.

Bennie Harris


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