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"I wanted to help people think differently about themselves and pursue ideas about spirit and balance and the possibility of a better life." ~ Oprah

I'd never been much for watching any of the "Oprah" shows for the 25 years that she was on network television.

I recalled a number of her early shows where in my opinion, there was an exorbitant amount of "man bashing" going on and hatred of men being expressed.


Now, mind you; this was my impression and interpretation of what I'd seen on the occasions that I'd observed the show during this early period.

In recent years I'd heard a considerable amount praise and graciousness expressed for the work that she was doing and I was dumbfounded! I'd heard about the "give-a-ways", the "book of the month", the "girls school in Africa", etc. I'd even stumbled across men that watched her shows!!! I've had people quote "Oprah" to me and one such person even tell me; "what Oprah said we're not supposed to do"!!!

Now, I'd just spent the last five years of my life in Iraq and the last thing I was focused on there was the "Oprah Winfrey Show" or what she was doing or saying!!! But, would you believe that "Oprah" was broadcast there too on AFN? (Armed Forces Network) For crying out loud; there's a war going on, lives are on the line moment by moment, who in the hell has time for Oprah, Dr. Phil or Suzy Orman?

Funny, I still remember these shows being on the television, especially when we were in the dining facility, generally at lunch. Hardened men and women, warriors with weapons at their feet or slung across their shoulders, either preparing for a mission, returning from one or in-between. Most were tired, dusty and a bit worn, but their eyes would be fixed on the numerous television screens.

Well, that was then, from September 2004 to June of 2009 and this is now, July 2011. Maybe if there had been just a bit of consideration given to what I've since discovered that "Oprah Knows", there very well may have been a considerable number of lives saved and billions of dollars redirected elsewhere in our country!!! (My opinion)

While I've still not watched any of Oprah's shows (not even the last one) since my return and not yet viewed her OWN Network, I have definitely been reading some of her writings, listened to a few of her radio shows and perused her outstanding website! What I've discovered is an abundance of thought provoking, warm, richly rewarding insight from one of the worlds most beloved Icons!!!

For me and those like me, (assuming that there may be one or two still out there) that only remember Oprah Winfrey from the days of "Confrontational Television", the article included in the link that follows, is a refreshing, inspirational look at a woman who had the courage to question what she was doing, seek guidance from the Universe, listen for the answer and make the transformational decision to, in her words; "Use my voice as a force for good: It's what I was meant to do."

She goes on to note that: "All my life I have looked to God for guidance. In the early '90s, I started to recognize that I wouldn't survive if I continued to play the TV game my competitors were playing."


If you've not yet read this article or visited http://www.oprah.com , I offer my strongest encouragement, you'll not be disappointed. While you're there, also view; "The Top 20 Things Oprah Knows for Sure", at: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/The-Top-20-Things-Oprah-Knows-for-Sure .

When is the last time that you've asked yourself; "What do I know for sure?" Can you answer it without stuttering or in detail without reference to what you've only heard elsewhere?

Well, what I know for sure is that; Ms. Winfrey has impacted the collective consciousness of people the world over, touching untold numbers of lives and has broken through my hardened veneer. I'm thankful to glean what I can, apply it to my life and to pass it on. Enough said!!!

What about you?


Thanks........Bennie Harris July 18, 2011


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