Whose Fault is It?

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"Do not seek yourself outside yourself"


At our Center for Spiritual Living we've been giving conscious consideration to Emerson's Essays and "Self-Reliance" opens with this idea; "Ne Te Quaesiveris Extra." I had totally missed this until it was pointed out and its significance unveiled.

Our National past time seems to be "seeking outside ourselves" for someone to fault or blame for that which appears to not be working in our lives. One can rarely watch the television or listen to "NPR" while driving and not be overwhelmed by the talk of who is always at fault. It also creeps into most of the conversations going on around us and unless we are conscious of it, we become party to it.

Now, being in radio at one time, I can understand how the national and local media make money and generate viewer and listener ratings in this way, but individually, how does tis relentless immersion profit us or serve our health and wholeness?

If we have a need in our lives, what does it profit us to give our undivided attention to "whose is at fault"? If I needed a job, should I not commit my energy and mental resources to finding one? If I've mentally accepted the idea that I'm a victim of the recession, and this idea dominates my thinking and conversation, what kind of image and vibrational energy will I project to a potential employer, if I ever get an interview?

If I'm a basketball player and my free-throw percentage is low, do I blame the person that fouled me for my inability to score from the free-throw line? Or, do I commit my time and energy to perfecting my free-throw shooting skills by practice?

If I'm an elected Congressman or Senator, do I solve our National budget crisis by blaming the other party, or by knowing that there is a solution and pursuing that solution without regard for Party affiliation?

When things aren't going our way, one of the hardest things for any of us to do is to look within. Society seems to encourage us to find reasons and causes for the problems we're experiencing that are outside of ourselves.

One of the greatest leadership skills that I learned in the Marine Corps was to assume and accept responsibility. It's the essence of looking within. I've not always honestly applied it, but the idea was firmly drilled into my subconscious mind. It's an idea that I've learned to value and it continues to serve me well as I consciously apply it.

Emerson's Essay's, The Science of Mind, and Psycho-Cybernetics are rich, rewarding resources, filled with Universal principles that serve to build our understanding and awareness of how Life works. Just as a mechanic has a well-stocked tool box that allows them to service our vehicles, these resources are tools that help us successfully find our way through the national malaise of; "WHOSE FAULT IS IT?"

Below is a great article by Jeff Paul formally of the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation. Enjoy.....

Jeff Paul


If things aren't going your way, it's easy to try to find reasons and causes for the problems you're experiencing that are outside of you.

No one wants to look inward when things are going badly. No one wants to have to deal with the possibility that things aren't going right because of you, because of the way you are, or the way you act, or the way you talk, or the way you think, or the way you communicate, etc. It's so much easier and simpler to find all the external causes that plague you, and find the fault lying with them. It's comforting to tell yourself that you have no control over your circumstances, and that you are an innocent victim of a devious, unsatisfactory plot that life has thrust you into without, any control on your part.

For centuries, mankind has had theories, religious beliefs and all other manner of explaining how we end up in the circumstances we find ourselves in. As far back as we can find in recorded history, people have created explanations, myths, and stories about how life is controlled by the fates, gods or other entities or powers in charge of our life. We've invented or had religious prophets reveal to us the reasons why we don't have as much control as we'd like.

Now, no matter what your beliefs about life are, or what religion you belong to, you have been exposed to lots of stuff that tells you much of your life is shaped by unseen forces. It's natural for you to find comfort in knowing that you have good reasons for your situation you don't like. It's natural, for most people, but not for students and practitioners of Psycho-Cybernetics!

Now don't mistake what I'm talking about here for any kind of religious instruction or attempt to get you to change your beliefs about life and GOD. No way! This is not like Scientology, or other philosophies that try to get you to alter how you feel about your personal religious preference.

Psycho-Cybernetics is a tool that anyone, at any age, with any religious persuasion can use to get what you want out of life....by helping yourself to simply allow your mind to think in a different way than it does now!

See, Dr. Maltz was the first (and still the best) teacher about our self-image and self-beliefs being what guides and controls our life. He was the first to identify the incredible power the subconscious vision of your self-image has over how your life goes, and what happens to you.

There's an old saying that GOD helps those who help themselves, and Dr. Maltz brings the simplest, most effective tool ever devised for allowing GOD to allow you to help yourself!

As much as you might not like to hear this, the reality (in my opinion) is that wherever you are, whatever you're doing, good, bad, indifferent, happy or sad, pleasant or miserable....is solely due to how you let your self-image control your thoughts, actions and aura you cast about you. If you see yourself as a victim of life's circumstances, a person who hasn't had the "luck" others have had, who doesn't get a break, a pawn in somebody else's chess game of life, a patsy who, if you didn't have bad luck, wouldn't have any luck at all.....your life will be exactly like that.

You have to recognize that there is no conspiracy, no devil hanging over your house, no evil force that saps the good luck away from you and dishes it off to others. There is no bad genie who's been instructed to make sure you long for things you don't have...and never get them. Well, I guess I'm really not telling you the whole truth, because I should say there IS a force that does this to you. I shouldn't have misled you. The force that is doing this to you is......


Yes, that evil force is you! Not everyone or anything else. Just you! Your self-image, as Dr. Maltz explains it, forces the life experiences your subconscious mind expects to happen to you, to become the reality you live through.

And, therefore, if you follow his simple exercises, and learn how to put the new self-image into auto-pilot mode...you'll see amazing differences immediately! You'll find that everything (well, virtually everything except the weather and Congress) in your life IS under your control! YOU are the boss! So if you want to get more control of the life you experience.....get control of your self-image and the control you seek will be yours before you know it!

I know this is all true, because I have experienced the awesome power of the self-image, both when I felt like a total loser and victim.....and when I've enjoyed a life that most only dream of, because I became a master of Dr. Maltz' Psycho-Cybernetics and saw a new Jeff, who miraculously appeared and is now with me all the time.

Sure, the negative, whiny, loser tries to rear his grotesque face every now and then. When setbacks or difficult challenges hit me from the blindside, when circumstances get tough or even downright ugly, that old victim of outer forces may try to take over. And sometimes he does for a FEW MINUTES. But that's all I allow him to return for.

When something bad happens, I have a five minute rule I follow that works really great. See, given that I grew up with such a poor self-image, I have that tendency always lurking about. And when things go wrong, it's easy to get into that negative mode, to feel like, "here it goes again".

So what I've learned to do is allow myself five minutes MAX, to wallow in self-pity and reaffirm my old negative self-image. Five minutes. That's all.

Then, when my time limit is up, I shake it off, re-visit my new healthy, positive, successful self-image, and watch the successful "movie" in my mind, do the Psycho-Cybernetics exercises....and in no time, I'm back on the wagon, fixing the problem by focusing on the solution as opposed to the problem, and getting on with the business of being what I want, and getting what I want!

Think about this, and start watching the new "movie" in your "Theatre Of The Mind" now, so you can watch the real movie of success every day when you wake up!


Reprinted from; Zero Resistance Living Newsletter
May - June 1998






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