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“We should Expect the best, and so live that the best may become a part of our experience.”  Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

As I write this, there are a handful of days remaining in this calendar year and I can sense the collective sigh or exhale of so many about me.

   It seems as though our country as a whole, lead by the national media, the politicians and the pundits, have been holding their collective breath. Seemingly, all are waiting for the 365 days of 2010 to pass, waiting for the mid-term elections, waiting on the President, waiting on “the recession” to end, and just endlessly waiting! I also work with clients that are individually experiencing this same malaise.

   What I have learned and continue to grow in greater awareness of daily; is that there is a way! There are ways, and there is a way! This is something that I share with my coaching clients.

   In this vast Universe of enoughness, surrounded by abundance, bursting with energy and activity, there is a way for you and I to do whatever it is that we want to do and accomplish whatever it is that we want to accomplish.

   When we pause from our individual anxiety and anxiousness, long enough to listen to that voice within that always knows, we’re reminded that though there be many ways, there is a specific way that will work for us individually.

   In The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes writes; “Remember God is the Silent Power behind all things, always ready to pour into our experience that which we need.” Holmes goes on to say; “We must have a receptive and positive faith in the evidence of things not seen with the physical eye, but which are eternal in the heavens.”

    So, what is it that you’re holding your breath for? What is it that you’re hoping that 2011 will bring? Alright then, knowing this, why are you waiting any number of days more before accepting this “new way”?

These are the same questions that I ask of myself when I'm hesitant to act or move forward!

   If we accept that there is a “Silent Power” behind all things, (call it what you may) that’s always ready to pour into our experience, that which we need; why not allow it to work through us and show us the way?

   Then we can again confidently know that everyday is New Years Day! There will no longer be a need to pin our hopes, dreams and desires on one specific calendar day of the year.

  These are the same ideas that work for me and allow my coaching clients to make significant breakthroughs in their personal lives and in their business’s. The process will also work for you.

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To your Peace, Power and Possibility, everyday!!!

Bennie Harris


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