The Power to Transcend Conditions

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Rev. Marian Moon did a treatment at a service recently and in her treatment she used the phrase: “The Power to Transcend Conditioned States.”

As I gave consideration to this powerful statement, I was reminded that our lives are really about “conditioned states,” whether we call them good or bad. Recognizing this, I understand at a deeper level that we really do have the “Power to Transcend” any condition in our lives, today!


   In his “Unity Classic –Life Is Consciousness,” Emmet Fox notes; “The explanation of all our problems, the explanation of all our difficulties, and the explanation of our triumphs in life boil down to this; Life is a State of Consciousness.” He further notes that: “When we want to solve our problems or change our lives, we can see at once that the only way is to change our consciousness.”

   Somewhere I’ve read that; “this is both the good news and the bad news.” Understanding that Life is Consciousness and that we are where we are today, in our experience because of our thinking, the power to change or transcend this condition or experience is in our own hands.

   Society, the media, the politicians’ and our well-meaning but unaware friends, would lead us to believe that the cause of our challenges is elsewhere, outside of ourselves. And, if this were true, then we would be helpless to solve our own problems or change our own lives. We would really be no more than a hamster-type individual on the treadmill of life, controlled by the proverbial “mad-scientist,” with no way to get off.

   When I first came to this awareness, I was in the midst of a challenge with what I thought was the worlds “worst employee.” A mentor shared with me the part that my consciousness played in this situation and I was furious! I couldn’t imagine what part my thinking played in this crazy, ridiculously incompetent employee’s performance. However……..being one that was committed to growing in awareness and consciousness, I gave this much consideration. I eventually surrendered my need to be right and so aggressively assertive, and saw that this employee was simply someone doing the best they could under the given circumstances, and that they too carried their own fears and concerns. After exhaling and letting go, the tension was gone and the situation was totally resolved to everyone’s benefit. I learned the lesson that I was there to learn and moved on.

   Recognizing that we are Cause unto the results or effects we are experiencing in our lives can initially be “bitter” medicine, and many will consciously choose to live the hamster-type lifestyle, pointing the finger of blame elsewhere, unwilling to change or recognize the part that they have played in the experience. Never-the-less, the power to transcend every condition is available to each of us at all times. We can actively employ it at will, moment by moment, to go from good to greater good, from joy to greater joy and from peace to greater peace.

We each have the power; it really is in our hands!




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