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Mentors - Bennie Harris

Often times we are seeking things and chasing dreams that always seem just beyond our grasp. Why is that? Why can’t we grasp them? Often when this happens we blame God saying; “It wasn’t God’s Will”. That’s too interesting!

I believe what’s really lacking is a fundamental awareness of the creative process and how the Universe works.

True study will show that the Universe is always friendly and abundantly supplies all of our needs.

We must become a vibrational match for the thing that we say we want. We must get in harmony with the Universal principle of all good. The thing we seek is already here, just not at the level of our awareness.

First, we must acknowledge the one source from which all good originates and emanates. This one source of Universal good is God! God or Spirit is not a source but “The” source!

Knowing this, we also recognize that this Universal Power can only do for us by doing through us.

Next, we must create a vivid mind picture of the thing that we desire and determine to hold it in mind by the power of our will.

Finally, we must express our gratitude and step forward into the space where our dream awaits us.

We must take the inspired action that will surface in our awareness. We must move our feet, ACT!!!

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