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Arise and Walk, Set Yourself Free Tuesday, 27 January 2015 15:37 "The good that we seek, the health, happiness, success, and peace of mind, is on the other side of everything we fear and everything that we think we know."
Health, Happiness, Success & Peace of Mind Monday, 12 January 2015 18:10 "We have wept too long over the past and what it might have been had we been wiser. This is not only useless contemplation, it is a negative one and, therefore, places further negation in the subconscious mind for it to digest and probably manifest."  ~ Raymond Charles Barker, "The Power of Decision"
Wilt Thou Be Made Whole Friday, 09 January 2015 12:15 "Man's experience is the logical outcome of his inner vision; his horizon is limited to the confines of his own consciousness." ~ Ernest Holmes. "The Science of Mind" pg 448.1
PTSD and Sexual Trauma Thursday, 11 December 2014 10:24 "When we transcend the limits of our being and reach out to others whom we understand and sincerely believe in –incorporating and blending our lives with theirs –then our lives become transformed, empowered and enriched." ~Dr. Thurman Fleet, "Rays of The Dawn"
PTSD and The Power That Heals Monday, 08 December 2014 05:24 "The problems and difficulties that we must face and overcome are really incentives to further human development. Appearing as ugly excrescences on the path of life, they are in reality the stepping stones to better things." ~ Dr. Thurman Fleet, "Rays Of The Dawn"

Ideas Are Fascinating

Mentors - Dr. Raymond C. Barker

Ideas Are FascinatingIdeas are fascinating if you seek out the kinds that fascinate you. Humdrum ideas need to be discarded. A new central idea that is possible, strong, and creative is needed to hang your lesser ideas upon. This fascinating idea should not be based on past experience. It is a future idea to be thought in the now.


Look Within

Mentors - Joseph Murphy

Look Within"You know, it is true; Wealth is first in the Mind and then in the ground, the air, the sea and everywhere."

Do not look outside yourself for peace of mind, wealth, security or inner strength. The Divine Presence is within you –the Supreme Intelligence which created all things and is All-Wise. No government, institution or person can bestow on you the quiet mind or inner peace.


Doing What is Theirs To Do

Mentors - Bennie Harris

Doing What is Theirs To DoWhat a fantastic week we've just celebrated here in the United States. Thursday, November 11th, 2010 was the United States Marine Corps 235th birthday and the following day, Friday, November 12th, 2010 was Veteran's Day. I served as a United States Marine from February 1975 until August 1982 and worked alongside our U.S. troops and a number of our Coalition forces in Iraq on various FOB's from September 2004 until June 2009.

I Have To...

Mentors - Bennie Harris

I Have ToAt our Center for Spiritual Living here in Los Angeles, Rev. John McLean touched on “Get To” as opposed to “Have To”. This thought moved me like a “fresh breeze” blowing in off the Pacific Ocean here in California. As a young teen living on the Monterey Peninsula, I loved running along the beach with my dog Max, feeling the ocean breeze, smelling the salt air and listening to the wave’s crash ashore. It gave me considerable joy!

See Your Ideas Through

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

See Your Ideas ThroughIdeas are always impersonal. Ideas are for those who can understand and use them. And when you and I understand and use an idea, it’s as much ours as it is the person who initiated it. What idea would you make your own? Forgiveness?  Strength of character? The right work? TRAVEL? What IDEA would you initiate for yourself?



Developing A More Spacious Personality

Mentors - Bennie Harris

Develping Spacious PersonalityOften times we are seeking things and chasing dreams that always seem just beyond our grasp. Why is that? Why can’t we grasp them? Often when this happens we blame God saying; “It wasn’t God’s Will”. That’s too interesting!

I believe what’s really lacking is a fundamental awareness of the creative process and how the Universe works.


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