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Arise and Walk, Set Yourself Free Tuesday, 27 January 2015 15:37 "The good that we seek, the health, happiness, success, and peace of mind, is on the other side of everything we fear and everything that we think we know."
Health, Happiness, Success & Peace of Mind Monday, 12 January 2015 18:10 "We have wept too long over the past and what it might have been had we been wiser. This is not only useless contemplation, it is a negative one and, therefore, places further negation in the subconscious mind for it to digest and probably manifest."  ~ Raymond Charles Barker, "The Power of Decision"
Wilt Thou Be Made Whole Friday, 09 January 2015 12:15 "Man's experience is the logical outcome of his inner vision; his horizon is limited to the confines of his own consciousness." ~ Ernest Holmes. "The Science of Mind" pg 448.1
PTSD and Sexual Trauma Thursday, 11 December 2014 10:24 "When we transcend the limits of our being and reach out to others whom we understand and sincerely believe in –incorporating and blending our lives with theirs –then our lives become transformed, empowered and enriched." ~Dr. Thurman Fleet, "Rays of The Dawn"
PTSD and The Power That Heals Monday, 08 December 2014 05:24 "The problems and difficulties that we must face and overcome are really incentives to further human development. Appearing as ugly excrescences on the path of life, they are in reality the stepping stones to better things." ~ Dr. Thurman Fleet, "Rays Of The Dawn"

No More Excuses

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

No_More_Excuses_200x200"Let no excuse, no matter how logical it seems, be more important than proving your ability to bring an idea through to complete manifestation."

   IF WE DON'T SAY; "SO WHAT!" we will probably arm ourselves with an excuse or two for why things haven't worked out the way we wanted them to. Excuses are deadly! They don't injure our desires; they kill them, because they replace them. If you have an excuse as to why you are not demonstrating greater good in your life, that's the reason you haven't. You have an excuse.


If You Want to Do Anything, Start Doing It

Mentors - Walter Russell

Sunset3_200x200"If you desire to do it, write that desire on upon your heart and take it to sleep with you."

I have always adopted the slogan; "if you want to do anything, start doing it." Start at once doing the thing you wish to do with full awareness and full comprehension that there is nothing that can stop you from doing it. If you desire to do it, write that desire upon your heart and take it to sleep with you. If the answer is given you in the morning that says go ahead and do it; that means the power of God is there. With that full knowledge I would start doing it and I knew before I started that I would succeed.


The Process of Creativity

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

inspiration_200x200"The gardener plants his seed and waits joyfully for the harvest. So the one who uses the Science of Mind must realize that he does not put vitality into his thought, he merely experiences the result of the vitality already inherent in the Mind Principle."

We must learn to trust the law of growth. We do not force a seed into a full grown plant. There is a law of evolution or unfoldment in nature which does this in logical sequence.


What is Reality?

Mentors - Walter Russell

iceberg_200x200"Is that product of mine the reality, or is it the thought which caused the product the reality? We all look in the direction of our product, thinking mistakenly that the thing which we have created is the real thing."

   I say that the real substance of any product whatsoever is not in the product at all, but is only in the thought behind the product. The thought itself is never created; it is but given symbolic form. The thought belongs to the thinker and to other thinkers who are capable of interpreting the symbolic form in which he expresses his thought. Thought and inspiration have no dimension whatsoever; they belong to the unseen and unseeable world. Those things you and I produce –things which can be seen, felt, sold and bartered –have no meaning whatsoever except the meaning that people can give them by the ability of the original creative thinker to transfer his thoughts to other people, and by their ability to reflect the light of another thinker upon their own consciousness.


I Believe in the Power of God

Mentors - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

The_Power_of_God_200x200"The individual triumphs through his reliance upon God as the inevitable Power finding expression through him."

  THROUGH a belief in the Power of God, men have throughout the ages accomplished that which was seemingly impossible. Man's belief in God did not change God, but provided the channels through which God could express in man's individual life. Our belief appropriates spiritual energy and applies the power to our specific need.


The Man of Faith

Mentors - Joseph Murphy

Faith_200x200"Faith is trust. You trusted your mother when you were in her arms; you looked into her eyes and you saw love there. Your "Peter" is your faith and trust in God, and it should be even greater than faith in your mother."

The man of faith puts his trust in the Invisible Power within him. He knows this is the Kingdom of the Real. He knows that his ideal is real in the Inner Kingdom and that his faith or feeling will cause the formless or the invisible to take form as a condition, event or experience. This is why the man of faith walks upon the waters and moves in confidence and understanding to the Promised Land –his cherished goal. Faith is accepting as true what your reason and intellect deny.


How to Cultivate Faith and Courage

Mentors - Maxwell Maltz

Prayer1Faith and Courage are developed in exactly the same way. Only your goals are different. If you are going to spend time in worry, why not worry constructively?

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