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Arise and Walk, Set Yourself Free Tuesday, 27 January 2015 15:37 "The good that we seek, the health, happiness, success, and peace of mind, is on the other side of everything we fear and everything that we think we know."
Health, Happiness, Success & Peace of Mind Monday, 12 January 2015 18:10 "We have wept too long over the past and what it might have been had we been wiser. This is not only useless contemplation, it is a negative one and, therefore, places further negation in the subconscious mind for it to digest and probably manifest."  ~ Raymond Charles Barker, "The Power of Decision"
Wilt Thou Be Made Whole Friday, 09 January 2015 12:15 "Man's experience is the logical outcome of his inner vision; his horizon is limited to the confines of his own consciousness." ~ Ernest Holmes. "The Science of Mind" pg 448.1
PTSD and Sexual Trauma Thursday, 11 December 2014 10:24 "When we transcend the limits of our being and reach out to others whom we understand and sincerely believe in –incorporating and blending our lives with theirs –then our lives become transformed, empowered and enriched." ~Dr. Thurman Fleet, "Rays of The Dawn"
PTSD and The Power That Heals Monday, 08 December 2014 05:24 "The problems and difficulties that we must face and overcome are really incentives to further human development. Appearing as ugly excrescences on the path of life, they are in reality the stepping stones to better things." ~ Dr. Thurman Fleet, "Rays Of The Dawn"

Make A Demand

Mentors - Dr. David J. Walker

manifest-abundance_200x200   "Lift your head up and your consciousness up, and be what you were created to be!"

   Intelligence creates by making a demand upon itself. Not a demand upon something outside of Itself, but a demand upon its own nature.



The Friend That Is Within You

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

visualization3_200x200"The Friend within you lives in poise. He is above fear, He is beyond hurt, He is sufficient unto Himself."

YOU HAVE a FRIEND within you who is closer than your shadow.


I Am The Creativeness Within You

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

Bagua_Creative_Diagram_200x200"Your imagination projects form upon the screen of your experience. This is because I the Creative Principle dwell within you, projecting the law of My Creativeness through your imagination."

  BECAUSE I Am the Creativeness of the Universe, and because My imagination is My creativeness, then you may know that to think is to create. Hence were the worlds formed by the Power of My Word. Hence is your world formed by the Power of My Word in you, for your word is My Word in you. Your thought is My Thought in you. Your Power is My Power in you.


I Am the Abundance Within You

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

water-fall_200x200"If you can put aside your fear, which is but an expression of your sense of isolation; if you can put aside all negation and turn to Me alone; then you shall be made free."

I Am come that you might have a more abundant Life. To those who know not their True Nature, believing themselves separated from Good, I Am come. To those weary with disappointment and struggle who have sought life outside themselves, I point the way to certain salvation.


I Am That Which I Am

Mentors - Dr. Ernest Holmes

light_shining_on_earth_200x200"...I Am that which reveals and that which is revealed..."

  I Am that which I Am. I Am the Eternal Presence of your own Self. Thus, there is no mediator between you and Myself, but your own thought.


Like Produces Like...

Mentors - Ralph Waldo Trine

LikeRocks_200x200"Our thoughts and imaginations are the only real limits to our possibilities."


No Man's success or health or will ever reach beyond his own confidence; as a rule, we erect our own barriers.



Mentors - Dr. Sue Rubin

jan_2011_200x200"I consciously decided to place myself in oneness with the creative flow of Life."

I used some of my time while on a two week cruise to the Hawaiian Islands to deepen my sense of uninterrupted oneness with God.

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