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  1. The Line of Departure

    Category: Mentors/Bennie Harris

    ... energy and talent. I especially thank my co-host A. Bozzi and Dr. Sue Rubin ( their participation in the inaugural show. This isn't my first business venture, there've been many; ...
    Friday, 09 September 2011
  2. How Vision Creates

    Category: Mentors/Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

    ... in the greater and our definite thinking gives conscious direction to our mental energy. As quickly as we attain one goal, we continue to move toward a larger goal. We set the direction which our lives ...
    Tuesday, 12 April 2011
  3. Whose Fault is It?

    Category: Mentors/Bennie Harris

    ... it profit us to give our undivided attention to "whose is at fault"? If I needed a job, should I not commit my energy and mental resources to finding one? If I've mentally accepted the idea that I'm a ...
    Friday, 08 April 2011

    Category: Mentors/Dr. Sue Rubin

    ... through and by means of myself and all. This is the Presence of Divine Love, Intelligence and unlimited creative energy that fires and inspires me to discover from within myself the unique gifts that I ...
    Tuesday, 01 February 2011
  5. Love Is...

    Category: Mentors/Bennie Harris

    ... I'm reminded of the work done in our local Center for Spiritual Living by our Spiritual Director. I'm not witness to the majority of his work, but I do experience him pouring his heart and energy into ...
    Thursday, 20 January 2011
  6. The Conscious Connection

    Category: Mentors/Bunny Hull

    ... I am pure knowing, an endless stream of energy.    Continuing, the practitioner names those things that describe them as birthless, deathless, ageless Spirit. These would be your own words, as you feel ...
    Tuesday, 11 January 2011
  7. What is Success?

    Category: Mentors/Joseph Murphy

    ... to everyone. This is the energy back of all steps in any plan of success. Our thought is creative and, we all know, thought fused with feeling becomes a subjective belief, and according to our belief it ...
    Sunday, 26 December 2010
  8. What is Reality?

    Category: Mentors/Walter Russell

    ... must get back into the thought world. Until one knows that the thought-energy is the cause which is back of all things, and the product only the effect, then he is tied to the effect and is limited by ...
    Tuesday, 21 December 2010
  9. I Believe in the Power of God

    Category: Mentors/Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

    ... which was seemingly impossible. Man's belief in God did not change God, but provided the channels through which God could express in man's individual life. Our belief appropriates spiritual energy and ...
    Sunday, 19 December 2010
  10. There is a Way

    Category: Mentors/Bennie Harris

    ... and there is a way! This is something that I share with my coaching clients.    In this vast Universe of enoughness, surrounded by abundance, bursting with energy and activity, there is a way for you ...
    Monday, 06 December 2010
  11. Self Image

    Category: Mentors/Dr. David J. Walker

    ... energy in changing us, or someone who, (like us), doesn't have a very healthy self-image. What a combination that makes! Two people who share the same distaste for life. Ralph Waldo Emerson tells ...
    Tuesday, 30 November 2010
  12. Ideas of Plenty

    Category: Mentors/Charles Sherlock Fillmore

    ... the omnipresent substance, and you will be prospered though all the banks in the world close their doors. Turn the great energy of your thinking upon "plenty" ideas, and you will have plenty, regardless ...
    Friday, 26 November 2010
  13. The Secret of Spiritual Power

    Category: Mentors/Dr. Ernest Holmes

    ... physical power. We need both and we have both. But having great physical energy at our command has not satisfied us.   Consequently, we see an interesting thing going on in the world today –many ...
    Thursday, 25 November 2010
  14. I Have To...

    Category: Mentors/Bennie Harris

    ... “I have the joy of going to work today and participating in the free-flow of life” or “I have the pleasure of going in today to put my creative energy to work”? Now, if one doesn’t have a job, as opposed ...
    Wednesday, 10 November 2010
  15. How to Use a Power Greater Than You Are

    Category: Front Page/Featured Articles

    ... in order that we may get the most out of life and give the most back to it? There is a Life Force, an energy and intelligence seeking an outlet through everything. Everywhere life is always in an active ...
    Tuesday, 03 August 2010
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