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  1. You’re Expendable Marine!

    Category: Mentors/Bennie Harris

    ... in service to our country and the idea of freedom and democracy. From the early days of the Revolutionary War with Great Britain to today's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, young and old alike have selflessly ...
    Monday, 30 May 2011
  2. Whose Fault is It?

    Category: Mentors/Bennie Harris

    ... has a well-stocked tool box that allows them to service our vehicles, these resources are tools that help us successfully find our way through the national malaise of; "WHOSE FAULT IS IT?" Below is a ...
    Friday, 08 April 2011

    Category: Mentors/Dr. Sue Rubin

    ... service. Listen for your inner voice of wisdom, clarity and unconditional love and when it speaks through your own awakened realization and awareness, courageously and fearlessly take heed, follow its ...
    Tuesday, 01 February 2011
  4. MLK Day, 2011

    Category: Mentors/Bennie Harris

    ... for your Christian stand this past Sunday in welcoming Negroes to your Baptist Church worship service on a non-segregated basis. I commend the Catholic leaders of this state for integrating Springhill ...
    Monday, 17 January 2011
  5. What is Success?

    Category: Mentors/Joseph Murphy

    ... our field of action may be, we should learn the laws of life. "Man, know thyself" and the way of the Spirit. Knowing how to apply the laws of life and the ways of the Spirit in service both to ourselves ...
    Sunday, 26 December 2010
  6. The Power to Transcend Conditions

    Category: Mentors/Bennie Harris

    Rev. Marian Moon did a treatment at a service recently and in her treatment she used the phrase: “The Power to Transcend Conditioned States.” As I gave consideration to this powerful statement, ...
    Wednesday, 08 December 2010
  7. The Source of All Ideas

    Category: Mentors/Uell Stanley Andersen

    ... Will you write a book, build a bridge, develop a new market, start your own business, attain a better job, or develop your capacity for rendering increased service? Ask Universal Subconscious Mind, “How ...
    Tuesday, 07 December 2010
  8. The Secret of Success

    Category: Mentors/William Walker Atkinson

    ... rendered valuable service to those who were following them on the Path of Attainment, yet none have been able to tell the whole story of Success. And this is not to be wondered at, for the reason that ...
    Saturday, 27 November 2010
  9. Doing What is Theirs To Do

    Category: Mentors/Bennie Harris

    ... place, doing what is theirs to do! While assigned to FOB Ashraf in Diyala province, I had the joy of being of service to a number of units, but most memorable was the 49th Military Police Battalion ...
    Monday, 15 November 2010
  10. Emmet Fox

    Category: Category

    ... Nona Brooks and was noted for his large Divine Science church services held in New York City during the Great Depression. In his day, he reached a considerable number of people because he had a talent ...
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