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Steps to Success

A special series on how to create success with ease. Success Step #1 – What is your question? In this perfectly designed universe, for every question there is an answer; which is what makes our ability to ask questions such a powerful success building tool.

Our questions are the indicators of what we are interested in learning, having or experiencing.

Our questions determine how much money we make, what kind of relationships we have, the work we do in the world, and how we interpret the events in and meaning of our lives. In short, our questions determine the quality of our lives.

Many of us are seeking a life of success and happiness but we have been trained to ask questions that will not get us anywhere near the answer to a life full of positive accomplishments and joy. The questions we have learned to ask are primarily based in lack and fear. For example, "How I am going to pay my bills this month?” or "Why does that person treat me so badly?” or "What is wrong with me that I can't seem to get what I want?" These kinds of questions are not appropriate if you desire to live a more fulfilling life.                   

You can begin today asking the kinds of questions that will get you the results you want. I call them "appropriate questions."

I coach people on how to ask questions that come from a different perspective -- one that acknowledges that we are swimming in an ocean of goodness and abundance. Questions from this awareness sound like: "How can I earn the amount of money that I want to make this year with ease and a whole lot of fun?" or "What kind of enjoyable, empowering experiences do I want to have with the people that I care about?"; and probably the most important question that really supports our growth is "What do I need to learn from this experience so that I can experience more joy, prosperity and love in my life?"

The answers to these “appropriate questions” result in information, ideas and circumstances that support us in living a freer, fuller life. Use your power to question to shape your life, your relationships and your work in the world for the better.

Shuronda Robinson ( is a certified Life Mastery Consultant and coach who helps people find joy, success and create ease in their lives.  You can reach her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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