Are We Really Living?

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Are We Really Living?

Are we really living? This is a question to give our attention to and it's a subject of consideration addressed by some of the greatest thinkers, teachers and sages throughout history.

Raymond Charles Barker noted that; "average people are so accustomed to their three-dimensional world of form and shape that it is beyond their ability to conceive of something greater than that which is physical and tangible."

Most of our lives are consumed by the; "mad dash for the cash and stuff", we seem to have no real existence outside of money, homes, cars, education, job title or position (there's nothing inherently wrong with these things). We really seem to have no life outside of the ego. Now, once these "valued things" start to take leave of us, we mourn their loss as if they were our "Loved" one. We then stay stuck in the thought and feeling attached to the loss. This thought and feeling consumes us at the expense of our recognition of who we really are and the ability we have to re-acquire these things if we need or even desire them.

The real question is; how capable are we at believing in a prosperity that's not measured in terms money alone? How capable are we at believing in health that's not measured in what the "actuarial tables" of the insurance companies say? How capable are we at believing in a life that's not measured by job title, position, what we have behind our name or how someone else values us? How capable are we at conceiving of a real life that transcends the simple three-dimensional world of form and shape?

We have access to a larger concept of Self and Real Life but, we must be willing to participate in Life's flow. A life of Purpose, Power, Possibility and Promise patiently awaits our recognition.

We can choose this transcendent Life of joy, beauty and peace that surpasses all understanding or to simply run on this treadmill that others choose to call life. It's our choice!

Bennie Harris
1 May 2010

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