How to Use a Power Greater Than You Are

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How to Use a Power Greater Than You Are

There is a Power greater than you are and you can use it. You are surrounded by a creative Intelligence that receives the impress of your thought and acts upon it.

How, then, shall we use this power in order that we may get the most out of life and give the most back to it?

There is a Life Force, an energy and intelligence seeking an outlet through everything. Everywhere life is always in an active state, it is forever doing something. The invisible seems to be teeming with an energy backed by an intense desire to create. We are some part of all this and there is an irresistible desire within us to create. It doesn't matter whether it is an artist painting a canvas, a minister preaching a sermon, or an actor strutting across the stage, children making mud pies or birds building their nests.

There is an irresistible urge back of everything to create, to express life; there is an emotional craving for self-expression in everything. The hen wants to lay an egg and she wants to set on it - the egg wants to produce a chicken and the chicken wants to lay another egg and produce more chickens. The seed wants to multiply itself; it wants to become a tree in which birds shall roost. The birds want to build their nests in the tree and hatch out their young. The lion, the wolf, the dog, you and I, and everything in nature, have an irresistible desire, and impulsion, to create. 

I used to know Joseph Strauss, a man who builds some of the biggest things in the world. He was of small physical stature and as a boy he couldn't play football or compete in athletics. So he made up his mind that some day he would build the biggest things that had ever been built by man. The Golden Gate Bridge is a testimony, not only to his engineering skills and his technical knowledge, but to the emotional craving he had to create.

One of the leading radio entertainers of our day, a girl I know, was brought up in the country in a mid-western state. She just couldn't help writing songs and singing them. She never had any technical training, but she had an irresistible urge to express herself, and she just kept right on doing the thing she knew how to do. Then finally she met up with the thoughts we all are considering and came to realize that the thing that was working through her was a universal force, it was something bigger than she was, but it was intimate and close to her, it was real to her thought and feeling and imagination. Today she sings to the world and they love it.
"Now where does this come from?”
The Bible says there is a River of Life which flows through everything. Both Henry Ford and Thomas Edison believed that we are surrounded by divine ideas, as though the ethers were filled with them, and they believed that these ideas were pressing against them, seeking self-expression. And so they followed the impulsion of these ideas and produced what seemed impossible.

Charles Schwab, the great steel master, believed this. At one time he purchased fifty thousand copies of a book which dealt with the subject we are talking about, and gave them to his employees. He wanted to stimulate a feeling in them that they were backed up by a Power greater than they were, and that they could use it. Mahatma Gandhi said there is a soul force in the universe which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results. People used to call him a dreamer, an impossible idealist. But history will put him down as perhaps second to Jesus in the use of spiritual power.

Well, there is no use in spending our time just talking about great men and wonderful people, for you and I also are individuals and no one else can live our lives for us. Lives of great men should remind us that we, too, are great. For what can be more wonderful than the thing that God has created? Otherwise of what interest could they be to us.

Too often we have thought that God crowned only a few people with glory and honor. But Jesus talked to the multitudes. He didn't feel that his words of wisdom would be lost on the average man, the common people who heard him so gladly. Quite the reverse, for it was He who said, "Father, I thank thee that thou hast hid these things from the wise and the prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes." Jesus knew what you and I must find out, that every person is an individual in One Creative Mind and that every person may draw upon Its intelligence, Its power and Its energy. That every person is a king in his own right.

But an example is no good unless it is followed and it won't do us a bit of good to know there is a Power greater than we are unless we use it.

It isn't enough just to affirm that faith can do anything, and it is not an effective prayer merely to state that God is all there is. Of course God is all there is. Of course there is a Power greater than we are, or we wouldn't be here. If faith can produce wonderful results, then faith is something we ought to develop. If prayer and meditation can make the Divine Presence real to us, then we ought to pray and we ought to meditate and we ought to commune with the Divine Presence until it does become real to us.

It is wonderful to know that there are millions of people in our country, who are making an effort to prove that there is a spiritual Power that can be used for definite purposes. There is plenty of evidence that this Power is being used and that it is actually producing results. You can hardly pick up a magazine or newspaper today without finding some reference to this Power.

But how seldom do any of these articles analyze the meaning of faith and tell us just what it is and show us exactly how to use it?  It is as though we had hit upon a new energy but don't know how it works and haven't developed techniques for its use.  So we are always talking about it and never quite coming to the point where it becomes the guiding star of all our lives, a light that shines in the darkness, a rock in a weary land, an oasis in a desert. And how we need the shadow of that rock, and we all need to drink from this oasis that our desert, too, shall blossom as the rose. 

This Power already exists at the center of our own being. It isn't something we go in search after. It isn't hid in a deep mine. It isn't lost in the desert. It isn't obscured by the clouds that cover the lofty Alps only occasionally showing its grandeur to our admiring gaze. This Power is within us now, and more than anything else, and more than all other things, we need to recognize it. For we are a seed of the Divine Life deposited on earth that we shall live and love and create and be happy, and that we shall unite with others in the joy of knowing that the Kingdom of Heaven is its earth.

Suppose we accept this challenge and make up our minds to prove that life has not left us alone to buffet our way through the vicissitudes of fortune, a pawn on the checker-board of chance. First of all, we must believe in the Power. We must believe that it is right where we are.

We must understand that it is a power for good and we must realize that this Power flows through us, and that the instrument of this Power is our own mind. We must begin right where we are because there is no other place we could begin. We may have to start just by saying:
"Today I accept the presence of this Power. Today I believe that it is operating in all my affairs. Today I accept that there is a Divine guidance telling me what to do. Today I affirm that there is a Power that goes before me and prepares the way. I affirm that this Power is love and life. I affirm that the Divine Presence is a presence of joy and happiness. And I affirm that there is something within me that knows what to do under every circumstance and in every situation. And so I deliberately turn from everything that seems confusing and no longer listen to that which denies the reality of God in my experience."

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