The Science of Successful Living

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The Science of Successful Living

“There is a Power greater than you are and you can use it."
- Ernest Holmes

This statement was penned by Ernest Holmes many years ago, but rings just as true today. What a mind expanding idea!

If we could just grasp a slight understanding of the possibility inherent in the knowledge that there really is; A Power greater than we are and that we really can use it!

As children we lived in a world of fantasy filled with “Super-Hero’s” and their power for good. We  had Superman, Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Roy Rogers, Wonder-Woman and countless others. Which ones do you remember? As children our imaginations were free to roam and we would use our “power” for all manner of good by overcoming and challenge. We lived freely in our imaginations!

Then we begin to mature and as we do so, this urge towards creative imagination takes a backseat to what is termed reality, ordinary or common-place. Throughout this maturing and educational process, this “creative urge” within patiently awaits our recognition, ready to surface and serve us when we’re ready.

This reminds me of the story of “Aladdin’s Lamp” and the genie within, ready to be released to serve at its master’s command. (As adults we might need to go back and re-acquaint ourselves with some of these children’s stories and the meta-physical principles hidden in them.)

As conscious, thinking men and women with or without families, we’re interested in successful living. I believe that everyone is! It’s insanity to think that any of us really showed up in life with a conscious desire to fail! When we look around us at nature, we see a universe built on nothing but success principles, but seemingly unapparent to the untrained eye.   

In our material lives, this same Power and Principle is at work, often unrecognizable.

As mature, conscious, (unconscious) thinkers, we’ve mastered our five-sense’s world (so we think) and everything in it, haven’t we?  Then what is it that happens when we experience seismic shifts in our senses world? Immediately panic sets in, we seek answers and more often some responsible party to point the finger at. After all, it is their fault, isn’t it? The government, the war, the economy, this company, those rich executives, if it just hadn’t been for them!


“Success is not a Secret, it’s a Science”


The economic challenges that we face today, in our country and abroad, aren’t new, we are just experiencing them anew! Any of us that have lived for more than a few years can recognize that this experience has occurred in numerous periods, and that others have experienced this shake-up of confidence both nationally and internationally.

Never-the-less, there is still a Power for Good in this Universe, greater than we are and we can still use it! This power is available to all of us collectively and individually, we just need to recognize it and utilize it. As Ralph Waldo Emerson notes, “it lies in smiling repose.”  To the degree that we individually and collectively recognize that “still small voice within” that speaks to each of us, we can again experience that Life that we’ve imagined.

There is a Science to Successful Living, please join us each month as we explore these Universal Principles in detail.

To your Peace, Power, Possibility and Promise.

Bennie Harris

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